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Melo in the Psy @Melodrom

Sa, 4. Mai @ 22:305:00

Samstag 04.05.2024

Immerse Yourself in the World of Psychedelia: Be on a journey through the infinite expanses of consciousness at our spectacular PSY TRANCE PARTY Experience a unique fusion of pulsating beats, hypnotic melodies, and electrifying visuals presented by the galaxy’s most renowned Psy Trance artists and decoration artists.

MAD TRIBE is a collaboration between SPACE TRIBE & MAD MAXX (Olli Wisdom & Max Peterson). Mad Tribe make, Inspiring, Intense Full Power music with incredible production technique. They are both well established artists on the Psytrance scene for many years.

Emanuel, also known as Immanu-El, has been playing with various music styles for a long time. Since then, Immanu-El has been sweetening the ground at various festivals around the globe. His DEEP GROOVY HYPNOTIC SOUNDS enchant the masses and transform the dance floor into a spiritual place. He founded the label Sunna Records and the party series „Into the Woods“ in Allgäu, which has been around for 8 years now. He is a co-producer of a live Ethno-Trance project (Psy/Prog) named „TranceLucid“.


Space Beat, a project from Kim-Noah, known to friends as Kimi, is rooted in the serene landscapes of the Allgäu. Kim’s musical journey kicked off in 2012 with DJing, expanding into production by 2014. Drawing inspiration from artists like Dirty Saffi, Tryambaka, and Entropy, Space Beat focuses on styles such as Nightpsy, Psychedelic Trance, and Darkpsy. Space Beat’s mission is to deliver his unique interpretation of a musical, psychedelic trip. It’s all about creating a space where listeners can let go of their daily stresses and immerse themselves in the sound, finding freedom and relaxation within the beats and melodies. Through his music, Space Beat aims to offer an escape, enabling people to shed their everyday worries and connect with something deeper. Join Space Beat on a journey where each note is a step away from the mundane and a step closer to liberation.


YNGVAR:T, most know him as IGGI, a DJ since 2015 and part of the Allgäu techno and house scene. In 2022, he delved into the world of Psychedelic Techno and immediately fell in love, telling himself that he wanted to carry such sounds. My mission is to combine the best of two worlds with my DJ sets and take music lovers on a unique journey into the world of „PsyTech“ – a fascinating fusion of Techno and PsyTrance. Dark, minimalist, melodic, and driving, accompanied by rolling drums – a sound that is dark yet joyful, destined to capture hearts.


Sound: GOA, Psy, Trance

Doors: 22:30
Tickets at the BOX Office available.

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Doors🚪: 22:30 Uhr
Party🎉: ca. 23:00 Uhr Melo in the Psy
Anfahrt & Bus & Routenplaner
Alle unter 18 Jahren benötigen einen ausgefüllten Muttizettel und eine Aufsichtsperson über 18 Jahren.

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▶ Instagram @melodrom.official


Sa, 4. Mai
22:30 – 5:00